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Specialist Projects

Spectrum can undertake a variety of specialist projects anywhere from moving a basic cabinet up to 34m long beams.

With our years of experience and highly qualifeid team to back up our specialist equipment, we can solve your problems with the minimal of disruption

We offer a complete start to finish service for complex and long term lifting projects. Our Appointed Person’s can arrange all aspects of the job including surveys, lift plans and hire of mobile cranes if needed.


Spectrum offer a large area of outside storage

For more details

Storage Solutions
Storage Solutions
Storage Solutions
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Fly Jibs
Fly Jibs
Standard Hiab
Arctics with Short Trailers
Specialist Trailers
6 Wheel Rigids
Restricted Access
4 wheelers
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Our Fleet

We have a large, varied range of crane lorries and trailers 
  • Fly jibs

  • Standard hiab artics

  • Artics with short trailers

  • Specialist trailers

  • 6 wheeler rigids

  • 6 wheel rigids with drawbars

  • 4 wheelers

  • 8 wheelers
  • 8 wheeler with drawbar
  • Restricted access vehicles
  • Abnormal loads
  • Special order / Types

Fly Jibs

We have a range of articulated lorries with fly jib cranes reaching up to 66 t/m and 33m reach

We run a fleet of fly jib lorries when a longer reach is required
You can see from our images these can reach upto 33m and are ideal for industries such as telecoms and rail

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Standard Crane Artics

We run a wide fleet of traditional units, all fitted with cranes of various sizes

All are capable of pulling trailers from 7m to 36m

Artics with short trailers

We have a range of 24ft and 30ft trailers to enable artics with a large crane to access smaller sites

Specialist Trailers

We run all types of specialist trailers, these include 24ft, 30ft, 40ft City trailers with rear floating axles

The standard trailers are extendable to 20m and the full rear steers are extendable to 36m


6 Wheeler Rigids

Our fleet of 6 wheel rigids all come with cranes which have varying capabilities
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6 Wheeler Rigids with Drawbars

Our fleet of 6 wheel rigids with drawbars

4 Wheelers

We have 4 wheelers with crane

These are suitable for smaller consignments needing crane offload

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Vehicles for Restricted Access

We run pickups with cranes which are ideal for the smaller jobs needing a HIAB

We also have a specialist body which fits onto the 5th wheel of the tractor unit allowing small items to be delivered into tight spaces where tractor unit can only fit

Lift plans and Surveys

We have a full team of experienced, qualified AP’s (Appointed Person’s) who will carry out route surveys, site surveys and produce full lift plans where required

Contract Works

Our experienced team of freight operatives can offer a complete range of logistic solutions, ranging from Pick-ups and vans to Artic tautliners, flatbeds and tail lifts

Whether you are looking for a next day pallet delivery, full load or part load solution or competitive prices for large volumes
Spectrum Freight offers a wide range of distribution services to meet your requirements across the UK and Europe

Available resource

  1. Dedicated Same Day Transport
  2. Complete Range of Vehicle Solutions
  3. Complete control by our dedicated team
  4. Courier service
  5. Outside storage
  6. UK, Ireland and Europe full load and groupage
  7. Artic, Rigid and tail lift maffett trucks available
  8. Ramp trailers and low loaders

Abnormal Loads

We run a wide range of artics including STGO Cat2 units and a full range of rear steer extendable trailers.

Our AP’s can carry out route surveys and we also have a range of escort vehicles where required. This service is particularly relevant to the telecoms industry