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Company Accreditations and Certifications

Company Accreditations and Certifications


Vehicle :
  • FORS (Fleet operator's Recognition Scheme);

You may be wondering what FORS is. Simply, FORS is an acronym for Fleet Operator Recognition scheme. This accreditation allows companies like us to raise the quality of our fleet, it also helps us to become better in safety, efficiency and environmental protection.

We’ve been a member of FORS Since 2013, first achieving Bronze and now in 2020 passing SILVER for the 4th time in a row. Our final achievement is to eventually pass FORS Gold. Having this accreditation also allows us to show you our commitment to become industry standards.


This accreditation gives you massive benefits such as; having the facilities to track, monitor and compare fuel consummations, millage and emissions. Tracking these elements allows us to find ways to offset them such as CO2 emissions offset campaigns.

Whilst working with FORS and doing the best we can within the company it has allowed us to go above and beyond. Then allowing us to become better in efficiency protection.


Spectrum are undertaking a project working alongside Derbyshire Wildlife Trust(which has been postponed.) In this project, we are trying to give back to the environment and our hard-working team! In turn helping us to become better in environment protection.


Our health and safety team are always making sure that safety is taken very seriously at Spectrum. Our team are always on high alert, they are trained to industry standards and are always keeping up to date with health and safety around the world. Thus, helping us to be better in safety protection.

To see our FORS Silver 2020 certficate please click this lnk; FORS SILVER - EXP 2021_04_01.pdf



  • RISQS;

RSSB's Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme helps the company to be seen in the Rail Industry.

We have this accreditaition as we operate in the rail industry, this scheme helps us to that. 

To see our RISQS 2020 certification please click this link; RISQS AUDIT CERTIFICATE .pdf




  • ISO; 


To see our ISO 2020 certification please click this link; ISO CERTIFICATE - EXP 15_10_2020.pdf









To see our ALLMI 2020 certification please click this link; ALLMI MEMBERSHIP CERT EXP 05_03_2021.pdf


  • RHA (Road Haualage Association); 

 Spectrum freight are also members of the Road Haulage Association.



  • CIRAS; 

We subscribe to CIRAS, which is the Rail Industries Confidential Incident Reporting Scheme.

To see our CIRAS 2020 certification please click this link; certificate 2020-2021 RISQS WORDING.PDF


  • Waste Carriers Lisence; 



Crane Loading Fleet Vehicles

44 Ton Hiab Crane Truck - With Cab Mounted 9 Ton Lorry Crane Lift
44 ton hiab crane truck with cab mounted 9 ton lorry crane lift . We have a range of big lift crane lorries from 48t/m to 66t/m, please see crane lifting specification sheets attached below. These hiab crane lo...
Vehicle Type: 2 - Articulated Lorries

44 Ton Crane Truck - With 6 Ton Hiab Crane Lifting Facility
44 ton crane truck with 6 ton hiab crane lifting facility. This truck with crane has a 6 extension, 47t/m hiab crane - please see below for this lorry crane lifting capabilities. This crane lifting truck can op...
Vehicle Type: 2 - Articulated Lorries

44 Ton Truck With Crane - Artic Hiab Lorry Cranes With 4t Lift Crane Lifting Facility
44 ton crane trucks with crane hiab capacities from 31t/m to 45t/m. These are our standard hiab crane truck and have a carrying capacity of approx 20 tonnes depending on which trailer is used. All hiab crane lo...
Vehicle Type: 2 - Articulated Lorries